Tuesday, April 26, 2011

now he knows

I'm so angry I could burst out into flames. FUCK IT. FUCKFUCKFUCK FUCK IT.

I don'twant to be mad at you honey, but you're not making it any easier sugar.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

and now we've kissed, let's make the most of it

sunny side up. turkey and festival is on my schedule this summer. can't wait!!!
but... while I'm waiting I can always listen to The View's new album Bread and Circuses... every single track on the album is GRRR to the E A T, no joke!

for more pictures, visit my original blog (psst heads up! ... it's on swedish)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

please, hear me out

I just wish that you would love me. The way that I love you.
I just wish that for one day, you'd look at me, the way you look at her.
And I just wish that for only one day I'll have you all by myself.

Cause the truth is, that I could look at you forever.
Just look without a touch. I'd do that, even how hard it may be.
But it hurts knowing, that I can only look.

It's not easy getting jealous on your best friend. When it is'nt her fault that your love fancy her instead.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the exciting thing is that people may know...

... but you can't be sure if they do.

It's crazy, really.... I think that I'm in love. But then, I don't know. And do I really want someone? Do I want him? Do I like him? Do I love him? Sometimes I think that just anybody would be fine, and the next day not even the love of my life (which I can't be sure of if he really is the love of my life) fits me.

And I think that I like one guy, then I get jealous and maybe even a little sad when the other one kisses another girl. I don't even know why I wrote this. Ha-ha. But still, the exciting thing is that people may know...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

padam, padam

Last night, I got jealous. Last night, I got drunk. Last night, I got kissed by sweetsweet lips. Last night, I realized that I actually wished that those sweetsweet lips was yours.

I can't help falling for you, over and over again. Everytime we touch, talk, walk. I'm falling, oh boy... I'm falling.